Insert Contacts

Insert Contacts 1.01

Insert phone numbers into your SMS messages


  • Simple to use
  • Low memory imprint


  • Not much to look at
  • No advanced options

Not bad

One of the annoying things about the messaging application in Windows Mobile is that it's a lot more difficult to insert phone numbers from your contacts into your messages than many other mobile operating systems.

Insert Contacts basically does what it says on the tin, enabling you to access your contacts and add any number to the text message that you're currently composing, making it easier to share contacts with other people.

The program's user interface is rather crude in terms of its visuals, but nevertheless, it's highly functional and inserting a contact is simply a matter of clicking the insert menu, looking up that particular contact, before choosing the number you want to add to the message based on those stored for that contact.

That's about it really, there isn't much in the way of any other added options (such as editing contacts, grouping contact numbers, etc.

) like you'd find in some other SMS management tools.

However, for the task of inserting contact numbers into your message, Insert Contacts is an effective, no-frills solution.

As the name suggests, Insert Contacts allows you to insert contact numbers when composing SMS messages. With the program running you can quickly access your contact numbers and add them to the message simply by checking a box.

Insert Contacts


Insert Contacts 1.01

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